Mental Health Difficulties Related to Medical Conditions

It is well established that significant numbers of people with physical health difficulties also have mental health difficulties. This may be due to the added pressure of having a physical health condition and living with treatments and potential effects of these. We can misattribute mental health difficulties as part of our physical health difficulties or side effects of treatments so it is important to have professional assessment and intervention.

The mental health difficulties common in physical health conditions are the same as those in people with no known physical health condition. The content of worries or concerns, however, can be focused on the physical health condition. This can include fear/worries/anxiety about treatment regimes and/or the future; a sense of unfairness or being punished for something or “why me?”; concerns about impact of their health condition on significant others and so on.

Our Psychologists have years of experience of working with people with both mental health and physical health conditions.