Becoming a Parent

Below is a very simplified and general explanation of some of the issues that can arise when becoming a parent. You may experience some or all of these things or your experience may be different. You are welcome to contact us to discuss what you are experiencing and what we can do to help.

Some experiences of becoming a parent are wonderful, magical, blissful and amazing but this is not the case for everyone. Your baby may be different to your expectations, they may have a disability or medical diagnosis that you weren’t expecting. There may have been birth difficulties or premature delivery. Your baby may be absolutely fine but you suddenly find yourself in a world of dirty nappies and sleep deprivation wondering where the manual is. You may be a new dad finding that everyone is focusing on new mum and you are not sure of your role.

Whatever your experience of becoming a parent it is a transition in life. There are lots of changes and plenty of things to worry about. You may be feeling all sorts of things and worrying about what they mean. Often these will just mean you are a little overwhelmed and in need of some support. This doesn’t necessarily mean a long period of therapy that’s going to add to your to do list, but it’s important to remember that this is an important time in your baby’s development where they need you and what are you teaching them if you suffer in silence?