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Brain Brolly Mental Health Champions

The Brain Brolly Mental Health Champions Programme consists of 3 days of training specifically designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to look after your own mental wellbeing and to consider ways in which you could promote a positive mental health culture in your organisation. In order to assist you in implementing the strategies you will learn, this programme also includes 6 follow up consultations across 12 months after the training with one of our highly trained and experienced Clinical Psychologists. 

Programmes are available nationwide

Module 1: Promoting Mental Health Awareness and Understanding in Business

What is mental health? How do we best understand it? Why is it relevant to business? 

Even if mental health issues are accepted in business, there can still be a focus on business outcomes or individuals personal circumstances. People who work in business are expected to know about business, they are not necessarily expected to know about mental health but as businesses expand, this often involves more people and perhaps structures such as line management. At this stage there is a legal requirement to look after the people who work with you. Understanding mental health then becomes something important. 

Module 2: Resilience and Self Care

Discussing mental health issues can be emotive and even difficult for people. Before talking directly about mental health in business, we focus on the concepts of resilience and self care. Resilience can be thought of as the ability to manage traumatic events without being left traumatised. Some of the research in this area mentions the ability to ‘bend but not break’ or to ‘bounce back’. 

The concept of self care is particularly important when considering mental health issues as hearing about others experiences can trigger thoughts of personal difficulties so we have carefully positioned this module in the programme.

Module 3: Understanding Mental Health in Business

Mental health is a short name for a huge subject. In this session, we will focus on some common mental health conditions and consider how to know when something is a problem. 

Module 4: Spotting the Signs and Knowing What to do about it

How do you know if someone is having a mental health difficulty? Do you think they know and if not, how do you bring THAT up? Even if you have spotted a difficulty, decided it is a problem, brought it up with the person, what do you then do about it? 

Module 5: Communication Skills in Mental Health

When people are struggling with mental health difficulties, they sometimes have a particular perspective on things. This can mean that communication is strained or difficult. But communication is key to creating an environment in which people feel comfortable to speak about mental health issues and supported in those mental health issues. 

Module 6: Mental Health Champions Role

The role of the Mental Health Champion is to be an ambassador for mental health within your business. It is well known that when people attend training programmes, they can feel enthusiastic about the subject at the time but then find it more difficult to integrate this into current practice when they get back to work. This session aims to build motivation for change and to support you to use the training within your workplace successfully. 

Throughout the programme, we aim to bring you the best evidence based information and we use a blended learning approach as there is evidence that this is highly successful. We are aware that people often attend training, participate fully and leave with the intention of making changes based on their new knowledge and skills. When they get back to the office and discover the numerous emails and general pile of work awaiting their return, those changes have to be re-prioritised. Our one-to-one sessions are designed to support change over time in implementing new mental health strategies in your business to allow maintenance of that initial momentum for action. 

Programmes are available nationwide