Events for schools

We offer training for staff, children and young people in schools and on a number of relevant topics. We provide mental health training by mental health professionals to ensure the best evidence based information is provided. We provide brain training by professionally registered Clinical Psychologists with post-doctoral specialist training in neuropsychology and years of experience in the field. We provide training on complex psychological concepts by qualified professional Clinical Psychologists adapted to relevant developmental stages as appropriate. 

We can offer consultation on lesson plans and assemblies on a bespoke basis.

We offer the following full day or half day staff training programmes: 

  • Mental health training
  • Resilience and self care training
  • Brain Training
  • Motivation Training
  • Bespoke training on individual conditions as requested
      • Such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, performance anxiety around exams

We offer 1 hour long training programmes for children and young people. These are adapted to the relevant developmental stage. 

  • Mental Health Training
  • Resilience and Self Care Training
  • Motivation Training
  • Boost Your Brain Training
  • Brain Training for Young People (specific to the adolescent brain)
  • Bespoke training on individual conditions as requested
      • Such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, performance anxiety around exams
Individual assessments and therapy

We can offer individual assessments and therapy for children, young people or staff with mental health difficulties. We can also offer proactive assessments and intervention to boost resilience or better understand your brain. These sessions can be organised at school, in our clinics and/or online where appropriate. Please see our clinical pages for details. 

We can offer neuropsychological assessment and neurorehabilitation. This would be appropriate where there is concern about an aspect of brain function such as memory, attention or executive function. We can also provide attainment testing to consider reading abilities, maths abilities and so on to allow consideration of specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia or dyscalculia. 

Where there have been traumatic events at school, or concerns at a group level, we can arrange to be available to children, young people and staff as appropriate either for direct assessments and therapy or for drop in type sessions. Please contact us to discuss. 

Ask a Psychologist

If you just want to ask us a quick question or find out if there is something we can help with, why not book one of our quick consults Ask a Psychologist sessions. 20 minutes online with one of our Psychologists for only £30. 

Supervision / Mentoring / Ongoing Consultations

We may be able to provide mentoring to staff, such as school counsellors, around clinical presentations, if they have a professional qualification. We can also offer ongoing consultation sessions to relevant staff such as the leadership team or those with a pastoral care remit. Please contact us to find out more. 


We are able to collaborate on research whereby we can offer testing of skills and abilities on neuropsychological tests and/or other psychometrics. Please contact us to find out more. 

About Brain Brolly

Brain Brolly is a collective of Psychologists with specialist training and years of experience in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology. All of our Psychologists have professional registration with the Health and Care Professions Council and have worked in the NHS in swamped services under pressure of long waiting lists. We want to bring Psychologists closer to people earlier in the problem cycle to support them more quickly and ease pressure on both the individual and the NHS system. 

We are doing this in a number of ways including offering mental health, motivation and brain training to businesses, education services and media. We hope that by doing this we could have an impact early in the problem cycle for adults and early in the life cycle for children.