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Brain Brolly Founders Programme

The Brain Brolly Founders Programme consists of 2 days of training specifically designed to support you in considering the role of brains in your business, how to protect these precious resources and how to motivate them towards business development. As part of this, you will consider: your mental health strategy; building resilience in your workforce; and the role of motivation towards action. In order to assist you in implementing the strategies you will learn, this programme also includes a Founders follow up consultation with our CEO.

Programmes are available nationwide

Module 1: Brain Functionality, Optimisation and Protection

We often don’t think about our individual brain function and operate under the assumption that it is a given and always will be. Consider what happens when a person suffers a brain injury. All of a sudden there becomes a necessary focus on what their brain is able to do. Consideration is given to how they will interact with the world, feel successful in the world and ultimately enjoy their life. Why don’t we pay so much attention to our own brain function before there is any injury? And if we did, what could we achieve? 

Consider what happens in business when there is a difficulty or even when people are trying to take something that is already great and make it excellent. There is often a focus on systems, how things operate and how to optimise effectiveness and efficiency by considering what the strengths and weaknesses of the systems are. Human Resources experts may be called in to look at the skill mix in teams or strategy around communications. But what could be achieved if there was a focus on optimisation of individual brains and protecting individual brains from outside influences or stressors? 

Module 2: Resilience in Business

After natural disasters, or other traumatic events, some people will be traumatised while others seem to bounce back. Research evidence tells us that the difference here is resilience. If people are resilient, they can manage unimaginable things well. Hopefully your business won’t have any natural disasters but it will go through change and this can be stressful. If you have built resilience in yourself and your workforce, change is much easier to manage and people are less likely to be off work due to stress. Founders in particular are often required to bend but not break, to ‘weather the storm’, to ‘keep your head’, to ‘show a good example’. 

But how do you do this? 

Module 3: Mental Health in Business

There are plenty of statistics: 15.4 million working days lost to work related stress, depression and anxiety in 2017-2018; up 24% from previous year (Health and Safety Executive Report). Mental Health costs UK employers £28billion a year (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). There are plenty of campaigns, by charities, by the Royal family, by others. There are legal obligations on employers to make reasonable adjustments for employees. There is plenty of evidence that mental health programs reduce illness, absenteeism and disability costs. Mental health programmes increase employee productivity and engagement and retain talent. Despite the evidence that a healthier workforce is more productive, people still often focus on output rather than wellbeing. There people are missing a trick and you don’t have to. 

Module 4: Motivation for Change in Business

This is not about coping with change but motivating for change. As a Founder, you know that as your business develops, you best ideas come from all sorts of places. Think about where your business started and where you have managed to get to. Now imagine what could happen if you could motivate all of your employees to be focused on business development. Their ideas plus your ideas. Their brains plus your brain.

Anything can happen! 

This is an hour long session directly with one of our Clinical Psychologists. It takes place over video call after completion of the Founders Programme. It may be for reflection on the Founders Programme, a chance for you to ask any questions or to focus on a particular difficulty you think we may be able to help with.

Exclusively for the Founders programme, we will endeavour to arrange your follow up session with our CEO and clinical director, Dr Scott. 

Programmes are available nationwide