Frequently Asked Questions

We are aware that most people who have come into contact with Psychologists will have done so after speaking to a number of other people. We think that the Brain Brolly difference is access to specialists more quickly. All of our Psychologists have worked in the NHS in swamped services under pressure of long waiting lists. We want to bring Psychologists closer to people earlier in the problem cycle to support them more quickly and ease pressure on both the individual and the NHS system. Brain Brolly is a collective of Psychologists with specialist training and years of experience in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology. We aim to show people how to better understand their brains, utilise them to optimal effect and protect them so that all of that brain power and potential can be motivated and focused towards the greater good of all of us. We are aware of social movements and broad public health initiatives aimed at increasing knowledge around some of the issues we discuss, such as mental health, and we want to build on this to provide mental health training by mental health professionals. 

When people are stressed, they do one of two things. Either they go to work stressed or they do not go to work due to the stress. When people attend work despite not being fully fit to do so, this can be called presenteeism. A study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found that 37% of employees with mental health difficulties were more likely to get into conflict with colleagues; 57% find it hard to juggle multiple tasks; 80% find it difficult to concentrate; 62% took longer to do tasks; and 50% were potentially less patient with customers or clients. If people are absent from work due to mental health difficulties, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence Mental Health at Work report suggests there can be loss of productivity due to sickness absence; early retirement; increased staff turnover; as well as increased recruitment and training costs.

UK employers have a legal responsibility to make “reasonable adjustments” for their employees. The UK Government Thriving at Work report found Return on investment of up to £9 for every £1 spent on mental health interventions in the UK with an average return on investment of £4.20. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence found benefits of promoting mental wellbeing at work included increased commitment; increased job satisfaction; increased staff retention; improved productivity and performance; and reduced staff absenteeism. 

At Brain Brolly, we want to provide training by professionals. Clinical Psychologists in the UK are trained to Doctoral level in human behaviour, mental health and brain-behaviour links across the life span and across the ability span. We are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council. As Psychologists, we are also aware, however, that increasing knowledge is only one part of the issue. We all know that we should drink enough water, eat a healthy diet, exercise, not have too much caffeine or alcohol and so on; but we also know that we don’t all do all of this every day. So, knowledge isn’t enough. We want to move beyond increasing knowledge about mental health and show people what happens when there is a focus on individual brains and what it takes to truly motivate people to make changes. Our combination of training and ongoing consultations aims to embed knowledge and move beyond this into true action to protect business brains.  

At Brain Brolly we offer our three flagship programmes: Founders Programme, Mental Health Champions Programme, and Line Managers Programme. Each programme has associated follow up consultation sessions thereafter to embed knowledge and support people to utilise the knowledge for true action to protect business brains. We can offer bespoke training on request for individual businesses or workplaces. We can also offer individual assessment and intervention sessions on request. All of our Clinical Psychologists have worked in the NHS providing evidence based therapy. Some of the costs of individual work may be covered by your personal or business healthcare insurance. Please contact us for further information.

If you are considering having a mental health strategy or policy, we can provide consultation on this. If you have a mental health practitioner within your business, we may be able to provide supervision. We can provide bespoke training and would be happy to hear about your individual requirements. 

All of our Clinical Psychologists are highly trained and experienced in providing confidential one-to-one support. We can provide this on request so please contact us for more information. Some of the costs of individual work may be covered by your personal or business healthcare insurance.