Public Figure

Public Figure / Celebrity

We provide assessments and therapies to children, young people, families and adults where some or all people are in the public eye. 

Most people feel anxious about coming to see a Psychologist but at Brain Brolly we are aware this can be even more acute for public figures or celebrities. Some of the added concerns often include concerns about your privacy and confidentiality; concerns about your Psychologist having preconceived notions about you based on your public persona; concerns that your Psychologist won’t understand the context of being in the public eye. 

All of our Clinical Psychologists are HCPC registered and therefore follow strict confidentiality agreements in line with legislation on data protection. Around privacy, appointments can be arranged at a place where you feel comfortable and secure. If you wish to come to our clinics, we can arrange your sessions so that no other appointments are booked at or around the time of your appointment and bespoke arrangements can be made around arrival and departure from our clinics. 

As Psychologists we are well aware of the concept of the outside self, aspects of ourselves that we show the world, and the inside self, aspects we keep private. If you have concerns about what your Psychologist thinks about you then this is something you should talk about and work through together as part of the therapy. 

Psychologists are highly trained in brain-behaviour links. We think about what people think, feel and do in different situations and given personal experiences and pressures. You will always be the expert about you. We then work together to try to resolve any difficulties you are having and ultimately to try to make changes for the better in your life.