At Brain Brolly, we know about brains. We use our specialist training and years of experience in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology to show people how to better understand their brains, utilise them to optimal effect and protect them so that all of that brain power and potential can be motivated and focused towards development. We share our expertise in mental health to support consideration of mental health strategies in business. As Psychologists, however, we are aware that increasing knowledge is not enough. We want to move beyond increasing knowledge about mental health and show people what happens when there is a focus on individual brains and what it takes to truly motivate people to make changes. Our combination of training and ongoing consultations aims to embed knowledge and move beyond this into true action to protect business brains. 

Brain Brolly provides bespoke training specific to the needs of your company, as well as complete programmes described below. 

All programmes are available nationwide. 


 What if you could better understand your brain, using it to optimal effect, protect it then link it to other brains – what could happen? What if you could use all of that potential and motivate all of your employees towards business development? Their ideas plus your ideas. Their brains plus your brain. 

Anything can happen! 

Mental Health Champion

There is a lot of evidence that mental health programmes reduce illness, absenteeism and disability costs. Mental health programmes increase employee productivity and engagement Despite the evidence that a healthier workforce is more productive, people still focus on output rather than wellbeing. 

These people are missing a trick and you don’t have to.

Line Managers

As a line manager, not only do you have your own work but you have an eye on the work of others as well. You are the person others come to with their difficulties. When staff miss work you need to be aware of their absence, have to record it, consider the reason why and potentially have to face others worrying about the costs. If only there was training and support for you…..

Now there is.