Below is a very simplified and general explanation of motivation. You may experience some or all of these things or your experience may be different. You are welcome to contact us to discuss whether what you are experiencing is to do with motivation and what we can do to help. 

Motivation is our drive to do things. We use it to put things we think about into true action.

Most of us have had the experience of days where we get more done than other days and a feeling that sometimes we are avoiding things or can’t be bothered to do certain things. Usually what’s missing is motivation. 

Motivation in health conditions

One mistake we often make about motivation is to think that it is about knowledge. For example, in working with children and young people who struggled to keep up with their treatment regimes for diabetes, parents would often ask us if we could show them the adult ward with adults with long term complications of not managing diabetes, such as amputations. The parents had the best of intentions in thinking that if the young people only knew about the consequences in a real life way, they would better manage their diabetes. Unfortunately this failed to take into account that children and young people don’t identify with adults in this way. They are in a period in their lives where they think they are invincible and that adults are very old and nothing like this will happen to them. The parents were trying to increase the children’s knowledge rather than their motivation and so would be unsuccessful. 

Another example is one that is common to most of us. If we think about knowledge we have about healthy eating, drinking enough water, exercising enough, limiting caffeine/sugar/alcohol; we realise that having this knowledge isn’t enough to make all of us do things about this all of the time. There is something missing and the missing thing is often motivation. 

Motivation in business

This is not about coping with change but about motivating for change. As businesses develop, we know that our best ideas come from all sorts of places. Think about where your business started and where you have managed to get to. Now imagine what could happen if you could motivate all of your employees to be focused on business development. Their ideas plus your ideas. Their brains plus your brain. Anything could happen!

Another way we see motivation at work in business is when we have to do tings we don’t really want to do. The boring bits of the job that are necessary but mundane. Often there is a lot of time wasted around these tasks because we put them off or suddenly find other very important things to be doing! If you are a manager, this can be very frustrating. 

Motivation in positive psychology

At Brain Brolly we have services available for times when there is a difficulty or a problem but we also have proactive services to push people to be the best they can be. Imagine if your motivation to do things could be even greater than it is now. We are talking bout taking something that is already very good and moving into excellent. Imagine what you could achieve and the positive direction you could take into the future. Anything could happen!